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Fujian South Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. (FSP) is a China GMP and EU-GMP,US-FDA approved pharmaceutical manufacturer in China.

FSP was established in Sept 2001, located in Mingxi county, Fujian province, China.

After 16 years growth, FSP has been developed into the major Oncology API and intermediate manufacturer in China, and FSP is the biggest production of Taxane in the world. The product scope also covers non-oncology API and intermediates as well as Botanic products, by using his state-of-the-art extraction technology and rich production experience.

GMP is the life of our company. FSP was CFDA GMP approved back to 2007, and got US-FDA approved in 2015. We are the only GMP approved factory in China by CFDA of Paclitaxel natural process and semi-synthetic process.

FSP is a public-listed company. The stock number is 831207.

FSP is the largest professional manufacturer of 10-DAB III, Paclitaxel, Docetaxel in China, with vertical business from Taxus plantation, extraction to synthetic production, ensured a sustainable and stable supply-chain for the whole industry.

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